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Hotel Rooms for Out-of-State Guests

I need help figuring out etiquette for out-of-state guest costs.  My Mom is telling me that it's etiquette to pay for hotel and even airfare!  I sure have never been offered up neither a hotel room or airfare when invited to an out-of-state wedding.  My Mom and Mother-in-Law are both huge on "etiquette" and think hotel is the minimum that should be covered.  We have 9 people coming from Canada who would need 3 seperate rooms for two nights.  With rates at the hotel we chose at $200, thats a grand total of $1,200!  Sure we could put them in the Motel 6 nearby which would cut the cost in half, but I think that's worse etiquette than not getting them a room at all.  I'm keeping out-of-state guests informed of where we're staying so they can book the same place as us, but I don't agree with paying their way.  We have a wedding to pay for, not someone's mini vacation!  I'm probably so off here so please chime in with your thoughts on this.  I know they won't ask for us to pay their hotel costs, but should I be offering it??  I didn't exactly budget for it, not knowing, and I sure don't want to be accumulating debt because of it.

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