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I have a question...

First of all Im not certian Im in the right channel
Second of all....*story time yay!*

My FI's parents still do not know we are engaged. We have been engaged since March and it is now September...In fact.. they think I am a different Kate. And thus far my FI has neglected to correct them. Unless they ask. His sister was outrageously happy to find out her brother was dating "Kate" and said it was about time. A few weeks ago she sat him down and asked which Kate since we live in different parts of the state. Once she found out it was me she was no longer as happy. His father thought the same thing and now is unhappy that it is me and not the other "Kate". His mother has no idea and since she hates me but loves the other Kate he wont tell her, to avoid drama in the house. On top of this... they think we are just dating and he doesnt bother to correct them. Am I wrong in thinking this is... well... wrong?
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