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S/O Cocktails post

Do any kinds of cocktails make you think of different people/places/stages in your life?

Ex: cheap beer makes me think of freshman year of college, red wine makes me think of my college roommate, jager makes me think of the Sigma Chi house, margaritas make me think of fish (duh!), etc.

Maybe I'm the only one who does this, but I'm curious

Re: S/O Cocktails post

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    Captain Morgans and 99 Bananas remind me of freshamn college nights I cannot remember and the smell alone reminds me to never ever to dirnk them again for fear of puking after one drop.

    Mount Gay Rum and Lemonade reminds me of summer.

    White Russians reminds me of my ex-bf who was reallllly into The Big Lebowski.
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    Definitely!  Pina coladas will always remind me of this one kick ass trip to the DR I took with college girlfriends, red headed sluts remind me of my MOH, Franzia reminds me of an old roommate.... there are probably more I am forgetting but those are the main ones.
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    Well, raspberry vodka and sprite and Mike's hard lemonade definitely remind me of college. Stella reminds me of my ex boyfriend. Reisling makes me think of one of my college roommates. Coconut rum makes me think of when I used to go out and do karaoke a lot, about 3-4 years ago. Scotch reminds me of my trip to Scotland, which is fine by me!
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    Cran and vodka's remind me of when I was in college, single, and slutting it up. Tequila shots remind me of my first year of college, and being an absolute mess!
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    Vodka cranberries remind me of freshman year of college and having my first bladder infection. White Russians remind me of my parents. Mai Tais remind me of the first vacation FI and I ever took together.
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    I associate the smell of beer with freshman year of college and many games of beer pong.

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    I have lots of triggers for memories: smells especially, but also tastes. Green Chartreuse and black sambuca make me think of my early twenties and my ex (who I drunk those things with!). Mojitos make me think of San Fran and the ohsoawesome mexican bar we pretty much lived in for a week. Some german white beers remind me of our time in Munich out in the beer garten with Nick's relatives. Vodka and raspberry reminds me of all the time I spent with my friends at a dodgy club that used to do $1 spirits on Thursday and Sunday nights. 
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