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Poll: How much did you have your BMs match?


Re: Poll: How much did you have your BMs match?

  • I'll probably have my girls wear any blue dress from JCrew.  They have a wide enough variety in a wide range of prices so everyone should be happy.  Shoes and hair and jewelry are going to be at their discretion.
  • same dress, different everything else. my mom is paying for my wedding, but she only requested one thing that she wanted, and that was for the BMs to wear the same dress. difficult job, as 2 girls are size 0, one is a pregnant 4 (28 weeks on the day of), one is an 8, and one is a 14.  but I found a dress, yippee!

    anyway, I don't want them to feel obligated to buy these shoes, or pay for their hair to look this way (they all have different hair too, even my two sisters)... I want them to look like themselves. I love them for who they are and they should look like they want to look. my youngest sister is talking about wearing converse shoes... NMS but whatever (I'd like to see her try though, I'm sure mom will nip that idea in the bud). I am letting them know that spiky heels wouldn't be a good idea, since it is outdoors and they won't want to sink in the grass. but I am ordering heel stoppers (a pair for myself, and a few pairs to have extra) so if they do want to wear heels, that would be fine too since I'd have the heel stoppers.

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  • Mine picked everything out themselves.  I asked them to wear black and they picked their own dress style, length, fabric, shoes, hair, jewelry, etc.  They looked great.
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    Well I'm getting a little nervous about the BM dress choices but oh well, it's pretty well too late at this point. They're both Bill Levkoff dresses, one is champagne and the other is chocolate with a champagne sash. The champagne is currently hanging in the closet of iffy-BMs house, and it needs to be hemmed to knee length because it's really too long on her. The  champagne is silk and the chocolate is silk taffeta. I wish they were the same material, the only thing I'm iffy about.

    Everything else is up to them.

    EDIT: After looking at the dresses again in my bio, they both have the same cream colored sash.
  • they all wore navy... matching wraps, silver shoes of their choice, and whatever jewelry
  • I had intended to tell them all the length, color and designer and let them each pick their own style, but I was vetoed by all of them and told to just pick a dress. So my sister (who was the MOH) picked it out and we went with that one. I purchased earrings and necklaces as a part of their gift (not the only thing, but I found a necklace that I really liked with a strapless dress, which they had chosen, so I went for it). Shoes, makeup, hair, they all did what they wanted.
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  • As of right now, all the girls will be wearing the same color dress (3 in strapless, 1 in a halter) with gold shoes.  My guy friend is wearing a black suit with a gold tie.  My pregnant friend might end up in a black dress if her aqua one doesn't fit in 7 weeks.
  • My BM's were almost identical. They had identical dresses, manicures, makeup (or lack thereof, as I forbid them from wearing anything other than lipgloss, and even then it was matching), shoes, jewelry. I even went so far as to buy their underwear for them. Here we are:
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  • Same dress (which they all liked) and completely different everything else.

    The shoes were different colors and styles.  Some didn't wear jewelry, those that did, didn't match.  Hair all different.
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  • The BMs can choose their own style of dress.  I chose the color and the length.  They are all women capable of choosing a style of dress which reflects them best.  Each of the BMs will also be carrying a unique flower as well.
  • In Response to Re: Poll: How much did you have your BMs match?:
    [QUOTE]My BM's were almost identical. They had identical dresses, manicures, makeup (or lack thereof, as I forbid them from wearing anything other than lipgloss, and even then it was matching), shoes, jewelry. I even went so far as to buy their underwear for them. Here we are:
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    Sara, that made me smile. A lot. I vote cutest WP award goes to you! :)

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  • Mine are in the same dress but each in a different color (I picked 5 colors and asked them to tell me their favorite, each got their first choice). I bought their jewelry, pearl and crystal necklace and earrings that matches the color of their dresses. I told them silver shoes, their choice of style/heel height. They are all getting hair and makeup done, but that was their choice and they can pick their style, I trust all of them. I might get them mani/pedis as part of their gift, if I do it'll be their choice as to color.
  • Want all 3 girls to wear Eggplant and I would prefer same color of shoes (dresses will be knee-length) and I told them to make a consensus together.  Either gold shoes or Eggplant shoes but it doesn't really matter :P  Otherwise, they get to pick out the dress styles they want and hair is up to them etc.   Accessories....eh, don't really care. 

    Mostly just want all Eggplant dresses with the same length and I talked to my MOH about having a gold accented sash added to hers which she was fine with (she's not picky at all.)  Other than that, I'm good with whatever!
  • Same style dress, their choice of two colors, different everything else.
  • My BMs wore the same dress but they picked their own shoes and I gave them different necklaces and earrings to wear.  They also chose their own hair do, did their own make-up, and did their own thing with their nails.  I don't even know what color their nails were. 
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