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Dear Prudence Woah

This was one of the questions today:

Dear Prudence,
Last week, I received a wedding invitation from a dear friend whose directness and pragmatism I've always appreciated. Later the same day, my mother called to let me know that she also received an invitation; however, my father was not included. I immediately called my friend for an explanation. She coolly explained that since I had recently told her my father (who is dying of cancer) is not expected to live more than a few weeks, he wouldn't be around next spring for the wedding and thus it made no sense to include him in the planning. I explained that by excluding him from the invitation—his ability to attend aside—her invitation was a cruel slap in the face to both my parents. She then accused me of "creating unnecessary drama" surrounding her wedding. What can I possibly say to her to explain the inappropriateness of her actions?




There are no words.

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