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trouble-making family member

Need some advice - we've already sent out save the dates, and had one of two bridal showers (both my mom and mil were generous to throw one since our families are a few states away).  We have not yet mailed out our invitations.  There is a trouble-making extended family member on my fh's side, who is causing problems for my fh's family, me, and also started drama with my bridesmaids, and some of my family.  I would like to just disclude her from the invite list, as i'm concerned that she'll start drama while at our wedding.  But, I know that typically, if someone gets a save the date, they also get an invite.  If we choose to not invite her, I'll obviously address the issue with her as well.  Would I be starting off on a rocky start if we disclude this trouble-making family member?? Help!
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