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Return Address Question

So, having a small affair of like 50-60 people, and 90% of them have already said they were coming, but we're still doing invitations. And I'm not sure if I should include my address or not. The invitations themselves are scrolls, about a foot long, in a special tube envelope thing. And I'm thinking that it might look really crowded with it.

What do you think ?
Absolutely necessary ?

Or should I skip it ?
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Re: Return Address Question

  • If anything goes wrong with mailing the invitations and one is undeliverable for some reason, it will get destroyed if the is no return address. If you have a return address, they will return to sender, so you have the chance to get it to the recipient again. It's your choice, but personally I would find a way to put the return address on there, just in case.
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