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what to do, what to do

so a few years ago I was on a business trip with my colleagues, including my boss.  So I started talking about how me and my FI were planning on moving in with each other to save up for our wedding and future.  Right off the bat my boss tells me "don't invite me cuz i won't come"...i was a little taken back but at the same time wasn't too surprised by his arrogant comment.  Needless to say, him and I didn't get along too well.  well things have changed, i'm creeping up on his best employee list, but honestly, the guy still isn't my favorite.  I do all the ass kissing i can to keep my job and excel.  So now that he thinks he's one of my bff's i'm wondering if its a good idea to invite him.  afterall, he said not to.  What to do, what to do?
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