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I have another question....  We have a flower girl and ring bearer in the wedding and we are trying to decide if they should follow our limo for pictures with the bridal party after the formal pictures at the church?  They are about 3 years old and their parents would bring them.  Do flower girls and ring bearers typically do this or do they usually just get in the pictures at the church?

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    I think that's mostly up to you, but most of the BP pics that I've seen outside of the church have only included the adults.
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    I would just stick to pictures in the church.  Little kids get bored just having to stand around.  You can have them follow you, but I would get any pictures they are in done first and then have them head over to the reception.
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    I think at 3, the extra photo session may be too much.  M's FG was 7 and she had some of the best pictures of all!

    I used to have the photo in my bio but picture a little girl in white with a flower wreath running after the bride on the beach, trying to hold the bride's veil off the sand.   so cute!
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