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Even individualized RSVP cards don't work (vent)

So, I thought that we would guarantee that people didn't RSVP with random people.  Overall, we invited everyone with their SOs.  I personally called a few single friends who wouldn't know a lot of people at the wedding and asked them if they wanted to be invited with someone.  Still, today we received an RSVP that looked like this:

Jane Smith with the line next to will attend checked
Mary Smith with the line next to will attend checked
and a hand written "Plus One"

They weren't invited with a plus one.  I also have no idea who this person is.  How would I even do the place card if I decided to allow them this mysterious plus one?  I was furious when I saw the RSVP.  I would never assume I could just expand the guest list to someone else's wedding.  I can't call them because this is from FI's side of the guest list.  

Oh and we also received an RSVP with a post-it asking if someone else could be invited.   WTF!
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