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Rehersal Dinner

Hi Ladies,
I have never posted on this bored before, but this seems like the place to ask! 
So, I know that the bridal party and anyone involved in the wedding come to the rehersal and rehersal dinner.  I'm also inviting anyone from out of town as its kinda a rural area and I don't want them to have to find thiere own dinner/entertainment. 

So the question is: if you are invited to the dinner are you invited to the rehersal to?  It makes sense to me that you'd only come to dinnerr to cute down on confusion/not get to already see the whole wedding.  But I was just curious as to what the norm seemed to be. 

Thanks so much!!
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Re: Rehersal Dinner

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    We had the bridal party go to the actual rehearsal - no need for the other guests to stand around and watch.  Boring for them, don't you think?  Then everyone went to the RD an hour later.

    Just invite everyone to the RD and tell just the bridal party to be at rehearsal...
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