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Template for Framed Seating Chart

Do any of you ladies happen to have a template for a seating chart that's used instead of escort cards? I know I still have plenty of time for this but I wanted to post before all the MGs disappear. TIA!

Re: Template for Framed Seating Chart

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    I don't have one, but I have seen requests for this on the DIY board in the past, just in case that helps.

    I do know that Steph (I <3 Seabass) at least mentioned using one way back in the day, so she might have one.
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    Danes983Danes983 member
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    I think Steph went to staples to get hers printed if I am correct. She said it was like $20 to print.
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    melissa82melissa82 member
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    You don't really need a template, just set your margins to the size of the paper you're using. Then make as many columns as you need.

    One tip: Don't use periods (Mr. Smith .... Table 1), use a's under the Tabs menu. You can set where the leader ends so it will make the appropriate amount of dots. It will never come out right if you try to fudge it with periods.
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    thanks ladies
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