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Anyone been to Grand Bahama Island?

If so... are there any fun ideas to do for a Bachelorette party?  My MOH, Becca, is getting married there on NYE 2010, so I get the feeling they want to try to do the bachelorette stuff there (her other MOH says Becca wants it "joint," but I have my doubts about that.)  Any ideas that you can share would be great.  Thanks!

Re: Anyone been to Grand Bahama Island?

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    sgdc2011sgdc2011 member
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    I've been there on a cruise.  It was OK... we docked in a warehouse looking area though.  I did do an awesome snorkeling/sailing excursion though.
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    uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
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    We went once, and there was terrible weather when we were there.  There was NOTHING to do, as far as we could tell.  We stayed at the (then Westin) Our Lucaya, and there was a small shopping center across the street with like 2 restaurants, and there was another shopping center on another part of the island.

    Our hotel had a casino and bars and such -- I would think whatever is at your hotel would be your best option.
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