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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

the girl who hands out the programs and flower petals

what do you call the girl who hands out the programs before the ceremony and petals after the ceremony and directs people to the guest book and where to stand to throw the petals? I'm putting together my programs and I have no way of acknowledging this person....which I would really like to do. Is she an attendant? helper? hostess? She's 16, so no child, but not really a jr bridesmaid either.....ideas? tia.

Re: the girl who hands out the programs and flower petals

  • Probably just Bridal Attendant or Attendant.
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  • I would just refer to her as an attendant.But, I would also think twice about giving her these jobs.  For most people doing tasks like that isn't an honor, it is a chore.
  • Not knowing your situation or location I don't see a need for someone to do this.  Most people know there are wedding progams and where they are normall located (at the front of the church). 
  • I think you would be surprised with how many people need help knowing where to go and remembering to sign the guestbook.  The more people you have helping with all of this, the smoother things will go!  I would agree with attendant or ceremony attendant or something like that! 
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  • I have a few people with jobs like that and have listed them in the House Party
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