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Affordable Restaraunt for Bridal Shower

Hi Ladies,
My BMs are throwing me a bridal shower, and since none of them live in my area they are asking me for suggestions for restaurants with private rooms where they can host it. I offered our home, but theyd prefer going somewhere instead. Since I don't want anyone going broke over this, I'm wondering if anyone here has suggestions on a restaurant with a nice room for this? I am in Bloomfield NJ, and we'd probably need space for about 30 guests. Thanks!
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Re: Affordable Restaraunt for Bridal Shower

  • Hi!

    Im not so familiar with your area - but i know ive been to a shower before in a clubhouse of someone's community - it was great because it is cheap to rent and then the girls can make food to cut down on cost :)

    Also - checkout on yelp for BYOB restaurants - that cuts down on the price as well & typically runs about $25 / $30 per person for food!

    Hope that helps!

  • Since you are being considerate of the costs, look into halls.  I know the Elks have a nice Lodge in Cedar Grove with either a private room or an outside pavillion.   You can have them make low cost food or hire an outside caterer, like  apizza place to really save money & still have a good time. 
  • I heard that a new McLoone's opened in West Orange that is supposed to be super nice and has rooms for parties.  I have no idea about their pricing though.

    Or, what about Bar Cara?  It's pretty nice in there.  I can't recall their prices though.  I want to say that they were reasonable. I was only there once, but, I want to say that they had more than one room.  There was def some sort of party going on when I was there.  

    Also, I went to a party once at Maggies Town Tavern - I am not sure if it's in Cedar Grove or Little Falls.  We were in a back room and had probably 25-30 people.  It's nothing fancy, but the food was really good, service was great and prices were very reasonable.
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  • Thanks so much for all these great suggestions!
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  • Bella Napoli in Bloomfield
    Biagio's in Paramus
    Both have private rooms, good food and reasonably priced.
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