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Barbados- anyone been?

If so, please give any suggestions on things to do/tours to take/places to eat at. We're going on our honeymoon there and FI is now in obsession mode with planning what we're going to do. Thanks!

Re: Barbados- anyone been?

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    we went on a cruise as part of our HM and it stopped there.  It by far had the softest, whitest sand and the clearest water I've ever seen I think.  We went to The Boatyard and had a fantastic day!!

    The first time I stopped in Barbados on a cruise we did an Island Tour in a 4x4 type vehicle. It was nice to see the island.
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    Thanks Chelsea- adding Boatyard to the list

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    My brother has a house there, & I love going.  You can swim with the giant turtles.
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    I spent 14 days there last winter and loved the island and subsequently am going back for part of my honeymoon. Below are some of recommendations. Fodors travel books has the best recommendations for the island since they are UK based, the book never let us down when my FG and I went.

    1. The Cliff Restaurant in Derricks St. James: This is by far the best restaurant on the island, a favorite among celebs. It is a price fixed menu, but the food is to die for. If you go know you are spending a bit of money, but the view is spectacular.

    2. The Tides Restaurant: This was my second favorite resturant on the island it sits right on the water and had a live tree growing inside it. I recommend the dish that has the coconut with green curied shrimp.

    3. Snorkel/Swim tour around the southern part of the island. Absolutely amazing snorkeling, great food, and great crew on the boat! Becareful of the rum punch though :)

    4. Sunday Brunch at the Crane Resort - This was quiet the hike for us since we were staying on the west side of the southern part of the island, but well worth it. They have a local church group that comes and sings gospel music with a gorgeous spread for Brunch. Take in the view set atop 120 foot coral cliff. The beach is listed as the top ten in the world, when and if you go, you will see why.

    5. The Mount Gay Rum Tour - take a taxi there. They give you sample shots of there various rum. Let's say I wouldn't recommend driving after that.

    6. The orchid forest - if you are looking for a day out of the sun and want to hike this is a great place to go. I recommend taking a picnic lunch

    7. The Gap - this is were all the night action is, and all the bars if you want to go. If you want to grab a bit to eat in the gap I recommend Piesces.

    8. Bridgetown - great duty free shopping all around. You can look for great prices on emeralds that come from south america. If you go I recommend the Waterfront Cafe for lunch, their flying fish (the local fish) is amazing, as are the Mojitios.

    9. Aqua - This restaurant sat on the water and had great food and a great bar. If you go don't skip the desert the banana spring rolls are to die for!

    10. Champers - This restaurant is great and a favorite among the locals. The baracuda was just simply amazing, I highly recommend that one.

    Note that Barbados was a territory of the UK, and broke of in the late 60s, so it follows traditional English manors for the most part.  The nice thing is that there are not a huge amount of American tourists, which we loved. The dollar is prevelant (in fact prefered by locals), which helps save $ in the long run. Note that most of the hotels not only have happy hour, but also have high tea or brandy hour later in the evening.

    If you have any more questions or want specific (more than I listed) I am happy to provide, feel free to give me an email at

    Cheers and I hope you enjoy the island as much as I do.

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    I have never been to Barbados, but it has been on my list of islands to go to for years now. I am getting married next year and this is the island of my destination wedding. I am so looking forward to the 7-10 days we are going to spend there.

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