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Hi there! I used to post here under a different name. I got married last weekend and I thought I'd share my reviews with you.  I'm not going to put grades like A+++++ or A++ -- I figured you'd just like to read a little bit about them.

Venue:  The Estate at Florentine Gardens

We had a daytime wedding because we didn't have enough people to invite for a nighttime, and I am so glad we did this.  The price per person is much better but all the amenities are the same.  We weren't going to put the shades down but we decided to and it was great -- it really showed the uplighting and made it a fun night.  People were amazed how much food there was and how good it was.  At dessert, they even pushed an after dinner drinks cart around and asked people what they wanted to have.  Everyone did their job well, and when my photo booth was late, they tried their best to communicate with us but not worry us.  They also have their own vendors for some things and for that, they could have set theirs up last minute.  I was very happy we went with this venue.

Aisle Runner:

My church's aisle is tiled and my mother wasn't happy with the way it looked, so she ordered a hot pink runner at the last minute to spruce things up.  When she called, they were very accommodating and she had a nice time talking to them.  It came quickly and it was beautiful.  If I could go back, I wouldn't even have paid for ceremony decor and flowers - the runner was a statement and all we needed.  (I am going to list it on the classifieds board, if you're interested.)

Dress:  Jaehee in Englewood

I have heard mixed reviews about this store, and I have had trouble communicating and getting in touch over the phone when dealing with other items, but they were great with my dress.  It fit after the first alteration from the first fitting and my seamstress was so nice (which I haven't found many places).  It's a pleasant dress shopping experience and they stay within your budget and your taste.  They pull some dresses for you and let you pick out your own.

Second Dress:  Amsale in NYC

Since my first dress was huge, and we were having an after party, I opted for one of Amsale's Little White Dresses.  At Amsale, you stay in the room most of the time and they bring you dresses.  It's a good store but I think it's more of a 'going into the city' experience.  I decided to put a belt on my dress and wear a skinny belt as a headband, and they brought them into the room.  I maybe would have liked to pick from the whole selection, but I understand that's how dress shopping mostly is.  I was very happy with the way my dress fit, the communication, and the arrival times.  They know what they're doing.  (This dress is for sale.)

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Bliss in Allendale

When you work with the owner, she is very good, but some of the others ordered really different sizes for people with the same measurements.  It was nice for me to have a local place for my friends to get their dresses altered, and it's near the train for my commuting friends.  Go in knowing what you like, maybe during a specific trunkshow, and like I assume most stores, you get a multi-dress discount.  (I also have one of these for sale, unworn and unaltered.)

Shoes:  Neiman Marcus in Short Hills

I live right by a Neiman's and this one is worth the drive.  They were able to locate a shoe that the company's web site cancelled my pre-ordered on.  If you're looking for something special, this is a good place to be accommodated.

Hanky Panky for Bridesmaids and Bridal Underwear

I just wanted to add that I got these for myself and got them as a gift and they are the perfect themed piece to go with your wedding day outfits.

Makeup:  Mary Wallis

Mary was amazing.  She did all my bridesmaids, my mom, and myself.  She kept a nice theme going but gave everyone their personal style.  She is very nice and pleasant to have around.  We had a nice, calm morning and she helped contribute to that.

Hair:  Jennifer Mulvaney

I used my own personal hair dresser and I am so thankful I did.  I wouldn't trust my hair with anyone else.  She gave me exactly the look I wanted and wait to put my veil in after I put my dress on.  She gets along with everyone and makes them feel beautiful and great.  My mother adores her and is usually uneasy about people doing her hair.  My bridesmaids all look very different and have different hair, but she gave them a style that went well together but fit them each the way they wanted it to.  I can't recommend her enough.  She's great with updos, color, and extensions, among a million other things I am sure.

Rings:  Tiffany

We decided to order our rings online so we could have them engraved and not sent out to be done.  When we tried them on in store, they were always very nice.  The customer service people on the phone are very friendly and helpful.

Florist:  S&K Floral Expressions in Hasbrouck Heights

We worked with Stephanie and she was great.  We didn't go in with a budget but had originally gotten a quote from someone else and thought it was too high.  She works her best to keep it low and we came in around half of what the other place said.  She works out of her home so there's not a lot of overhead I guess.  They came early, the flowers were beautiful, and everyone wanted to take home a centerpiece.  She really understood my vision.

DJ:  Anthony Wayne Entertainment

We recommended our DJ to a friend who got married before us and their wedding was such a fun party!  Ours was a little different because it was exactly what we wanted.  I told him the kind of music we liked and he supplemented our list so nicely.  People were raving about the song list.  He is great because he adjusts to the couple and can be what they need him to be.  He also did our uplighting, which was beautiful and the exact color I asked for.  Great communications, too.

Photographer:  Tania Lezak

We haven't received our photos yet, but we did get engagement photos through Tania and they were beautiful.  She is very low key and you'd never know she's there, but she gets great shots.  She made us feel very comfortable and I'd use her again.

Videographer:  Bitcon Productions

We told them we wanted all the classic shots and not to know we had a videographer, and they were great.  Worked really well with our photographer and didn't invade at all.  No cameras down the aisle, very discreet.  We got our preview video less than a week later and it was very nice.  I think we'll be happy when we get our video.


I used so many vendors on Etsy, I'd hate to list them all, but I adore this site.  My only advice is to order early, just in case you aren't happy or there's a waiting list.  It really has unique stuff.  I have a few things from there for sale, too.

Photobooth:  NJ Photobooths

Our photobooth was late setting up the day of our event.  I am not really sure why, but I had to call.  I think they should have called to let us know.  They stayed late to compensate and everyone had a great time with it, but if they had been there earlier, I think they would have set up better.  We got our favors through them and they were not really displayed nicely and I didn't even get one.  Overall, a good time, but not a good communication for an unexpected problem.

Rehearsal Dinner:  The Brick House, Wyckoff

Cool atmosphere.  We were in the wine cellar.  Everyone enjoyed the food and per my request, they kept the courses coming so we could go home and get rest for the big day.

Invitations:  Jar of Ideas

Jen is amazing.  She is very sweet and very talented.  She put up with all my last minute changes and was quick to respond to questions along the way.  I think this is a better route than using an invitation catalog at a stationery store because she beautifully coordinated all my pre wedding and day of paper and I got many compliments on it.

Tuxedos:  Biltmore in Ridgewood

Great store and great hours.  DH bought his tux and even though they didn't carry it, they were able to get it and he got all his accessories there too.


My mom ordered her dress online and it was perfect.  Not too bulky and traditional but dressy enough for the mother of the bride.

Nordstrom was also great for different colored ties I wanted for my dad and grandpa.  It's hard to find plain dressy ties but this is the place to go.

Hotel - Woodcliff Lake Hilton

We stayed here with our guests and had a little after party.  Make sure to reserve a space and have a little catering.  They offer a second wave of food for a discounted price and you can see how your party's going if you want to add it.  They were great, but make sure everyone who books is under your party, because if they don't mention it, they won't be.  They were good about handing out our welcome bags too.

Honeymoon - Bucuti and Tara Resorts in Aruba

This is a great place to go for honeymooners.  Very quiet and romantic but still a cab away from all the action.


Bed Bath and Beyond is a must just because guests love the 20% off coupons.  The web site is a little hard to use because if you open multiple windows it will keep logging you out.  They were very great though when an item wasn't available in store and they let you order there, use your coupon, and ship it to your house for free.  Don't use the online ordering if you ever buy from a registry, the store is much better.

Crate & Barrel has a great site, and even an app (but I didn't use it).  It's really easy to update and they have so many little gadgets that you might need.

Pottery Barn has a pretty good site, and I never had a problem with the registry.  Just be careful because their stuff comes and goes so quickly you might have to update throughout your engagement.  We ordered groomsmen gifts from here and they came engraved so quickly.

I got my bridesmaids lot of Etsy gifts, Clarisonics (a big hit), and for thank you gifts for the shower and bachelorette a lot of Sephora gift sets which are always an easy go-to.

Well, I think I got it all!  I hope my reviews were helpful.  If you have any questions, you can write them here or PM me.  I'd be happy to send pictures or give you more information.  And even though this is my first post with this screen name, thank you all so much for your help and support along the way.  This is an invaluable resource!

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    Thank you, this is great!
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    These are great - so glad things turned out well.  I love, love Tania Lezak; we were trying to hire her but the timing didn't work out. 
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    This is awesome! So happy that everything at Florentine went well. I'm getting married there in 2 weeks

    We're also using Woodcliff Lake
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