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NWR Baby Shower Locations

This isn't wedding related, but I used to come on the NJ boards a lot when I was helping my sister plan her wedding in 2009. Well, now she is having a baby and I am looking for locations to throw her baby shower!

We are planning on 30-35 people, and I'm open to a venue where we bring food in, or a restaurant where we can have a private room. I'd prefer informal, more finger food type of options to a heavy sit down meal, for $20 or less per person, ideally. We are in the Fords-Metuchen area but would travel a little (not more than half an hour away). It will be in January, so nothing outdoors!

Any suggestions for venues, restaurants, and caterers that could provide this are welcome! Thanks.

Re: NWR Baby Shower Locations

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    I've seen people having baby showers at JJ Bittings and I think they may have a private room or upstairs area. I don't know the quality of the food as I haven't eaten there but it's an idea and will be more like the style of food you're looking for I think.

    I don't see anything on their website about it so you might want to call. It's an idea!
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    Vicenzo's in Middlesex is awesome!
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    My bridal shower was at the Elk in Metuchen.  They just redid the room and it's really nice!  Check it out!
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