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Purple and Orange FLowers

Anyone have any idea for dark purple and orange flower bouquets?

Re: Purple and Orange FLowers

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    Lilies! :) Purple and orange calla lilies exist, or you could do purple callas and orange day lilies (the big blooms). Either combination would be BEAUTIFUL!
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    i love pp idea....i was going to say daisies but i like pp idea better

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    Dark purple calla lilies are beautiful.

    I would make sure if you use them to talk to your photographer and florist first. They have a tendency to photograph much darker then in real life, sometime they often look almost black in photos. I am using some but I actually went a little lighter than I had planned for that reason.
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    A friend of mine had the same colors and she had orange tulips and callas and then purple tulips and some kind of small purple daisy look alike (not daisy though).  They were beautiful.  There was some kind of green berry stock that I believe was called coffee bean. She used purple feathers in the mix and it was really neat.
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