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Arrggh David's Bridal

Ok some please tell me why David's Bridal is just an aweful place?  The first time I had any interaction with them was 4 years ago.  I went with a friend for her to hunt for a dress for a formal.  They were rude and didn't want to help even though she was willing to spend $200-$300 that night for a dress. The formal was on Saturday we went on a Thursday.  Then I went to another David's in Pineville (near Charlotte) they were rude to us and told us they didn't have time to help us etc. So after driving 1 hour we were pretty much kicked out. I vowed I wouldn't ever buy anything from David's.  So I got my dress from Darlynn's in Monroe (excellent customer service) and my BM dresses I found at  a local store in Greenville, Afforable Elegance (again excellent customer service). 

Well I was asked to be in my friend's wedding and she has gone to DB route.  So I went to DB with her to look for a wedding & BM dress a few months ago.  Things were fine decent customer service.

I went back today to get fitted since she has made a decision on the dress.  I also was inquiring on shoes which I knew was a long shot but I was going to ask. A clearance selection another one of her BMs found at her local DB. But we can pick out own shoes so its not a big deal that they didn't have it.  But instead of saying No we don't have any they were like OOOOH they were clearanced LOOOONNNNGGG ago.  And went on and on about how they don't make those shoes.  I could have just taken a No we don't for an answer.  The person that fitted me was really really nice. Nothing against her; now her manager....

I was saying that I couldn't buy my dress today but I was going to come back within the next month to order.  My friend is getting married mid-July and her local DB told her to order BM dresses by Early Feb.  This manager was like OOOHHH NOOO you shouldn't wait that long we could discontiune that dress by thoughts were WTF? you just discontinue dresses for the hell of it whenever you like? really lady? My FI was like b*tch under his breathe I couldn't help but chuckle.  She was like by the time your friend picked this dress it may be gone by Feb.

She went on this rant about its way to late to order dresses etc and I was like well ok but I can't pay for it today. 

So all in all I give David's two thumbs down!!! Yell I just got so fustrated with the way they treat their customers. Or in this case potential customer!!!

I think its crazy they just discontinue dresses every few months.

Now your thoughts...

Re: Arrggh David's Bridal

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    I had similar experiences with DB, but my firend who bought her dress there had great experience, so Im a so-so.

    I will say, they play that "The dress will be discontinued" line ALL-THE-TIME! It's bogus. . .

    I also, when looking for my dress back when, was put in a high-pressure situation and did not like it at all. I walked away, upset about the situation, but happy that I wasn't pushed into a sale.
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    Okay.  I have had two experiences with DB.  I had no desire to look at dresses in DB because I had heard all types of horror stories.  My mom insisted, as my sister had bought her dress there (at the Northlake store, in Charlotte) and had great customer service.  I requested the same girl who had helped my sister.  I fell in love with a dress.  I went back and looked 3 times in Charlotte.  No pressure at all & they knew I lived in TX.  I went to look at the dress in Austin with my BM here -- HORRIBLE customer service.  They told me I didn't need extra length and even argued with me about it because they didn't want to order the dress for me (I'm 5'11".  I need extra length).  I walked away and called the store in Charlotte back.  They ordered the dress for me and had it shipped to the Austin store for me to pick up.  Much better customer service when I picked the dress up.  I haven't been back since.

    I have been back the the Northlake store to look at FG dresses & veils, no pressure again (a different sales person) and good customer service.  Maybe I have just been lucky.  But I am still so-so on them because of the horrid experience I had in Austin.  There was no way that bunch of morons was getting my money!
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    So sorry about your DB experience.  I guess it goes to show you that people can really be crappy sometimes. 
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    I went to David's Bridal with my firend and again by myself. I didn't have high expectations of receiving high customer service. You can only expect so much when the prices are low. What my problem is that they try to act like they have amazing customer service and never come through.  When I went to try on dresses the lady helping me disapeared for 30 minutes. I know they assign multiple brides to the employees but no one else was in the store. I also got pressured that the dress could be discountinued.  I have heard of people receiving good custoemr service there so I think it depends on what employee you get and what store you go to.
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    I've been in a few times now, once in college to get a BM dress and again when I started my dress search. They didn't make dresses with enough "top" support for me, so I went with Darlynns as well- and I agree, LOVE the ladies in there, especially Mallorie!

    My peeve was that DB kept calling and calling me- I mean I let them know in JULY that I had found another dress elsewhere, and they have just stopped calling me. Also, I was originally going to do BM dresses there, and everytime I went in, they "couldn't find the bridal party" in their system- and it's a big bridal party! they made me fill out the  BP sheets every time! I ended up doing BM dresses at Darlynns as well.

    but yeah...with a national store, i'm sure there are some locations and service people more helpful than others! i know a lot of girls have bought pretty dresses from DB! my advice: good luck if you're dealing with the Pineville location!
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    I had a wonderful experience at the Greensboro store -- on several occasions when I went in.  I did not get any pressure about anything.  They do sometimes get busy, so they suggest you make an appointment, but I actually didn't make an appointment any of the times I went it and they were able to find someone to help me.

    Based on the various stories I have read on these boards, it seems to be very store specific for what kind of service you get.  I think I have read that other people have had great service at the Greensboro store, but some of the other NC stores aren't so good.
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    I agree with Beth, it depends on the store.  I went to the Wilmington store, and made an appt for a Saturday. It was SWAMPED, and I felt very rushed. I tried on a dress that I liked, but I didn't really like it on me, but everyone around me kept telling me how gorgeous it looked, and I ended up getting it.  I had 2nd thoughts about it, even had a nightmare about it, and called the store to set up another appt.  I went in on a Thursday and there was nobody in there.  I felt much more relaxed, and Emily let me try on every dress that I wanted to.  I ended up finding a different dress that I LOVED, and they exchanged the order for me.  So I think it depends on the time and day that you go in, as well as who you are dealing with.  I went in the other day to look at shoes for BM and Emily was there and wonderful.  I have been in and dealt with others and they werent' that great :(
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    I went to the store in Greensboro and had a so-so experience. The consultant would help me into a dress then immediately go help another customer and I would end up waiting a while before I could try on another dress. But, I wasn't planning on buying yet since I was so far out from the wedding, so I didn't really mind that she wasn't putting in 100%.
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    I had a good experience at the Durham store, and then a not great one at the same store later.  I went it to look for my dress and told the girl that I was only shopping for ideas, I wouldn't be buying today, but that if I did choose to buy one of the dresses I found that day I would be sure to come back to that store when she was available so she would receive the commission.  I found a couple dresses that were just okay, I wasn't really impressed with the quality of the material or the construction. 

    I went a second time with one of my bridesmaids to look at dresses for her.  We went on a weeknight without an appointment because we were only browsing and didn't intend to try anything on.  The sales lady would NOT leave me alone about giving her all of my other bridesmaids information so that they "could contact them about ordering their dresses".  I told her multiple times that my girls were not wearing matching dresses, and that I had no idea how many of them were even interested in DB dresses.  When I finally got the "not matching styles" through her head she kept on about matching colors for a while until I had to explain that I understand about dye lots and that it wasn't a consideration for me.

    Ginger, they give the "this dress could be discontinued" line at DB a lot. And the truth is they don't really know.  They create a certain number of dresses and dye them all at once, when those run out, there aren't any more.  They can't anticipate nationally how well a certain style or color will sell (because they don't do quite enough trend analysis for that) and they can shift merchandise around to accommodate different orders.

    DB is basically the Wal-Mart of bridal stores, you can't expect them to be high quality or have amazing service all the time. 
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Arrggh David's Bridal</a>:
    [QUOTE] DB is basically the Wal-Mart of bridal stores, you can't expect them to be high quality or have amazing service all the time. 
    Posted by pirategal03[/QUOTE]

    Mary, I agree with this 100%!!! Good to those who enjoyed their experience but I just can't understand bad customer service-maybe its b/c I'm in the customer service field. Oh well.
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    I've been to the one at Streets of Southpoint in Durham twice, and I have an appointment for a final try-on with a friend to pick my dress.  I had an amazing consultant with no pressure.  She knew from the beginning that I was just shopping, so she made great suggestions and was friendly and outgoing.  I will only use her when I go back in.
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    my bridesmaid dress color is now discontinued but was available when I purchased thank goodness.  They do like to change their inventory a lot for sure. 

    I got my bridal gown at Dar-Lynn's and love them!  Krista rocks!
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    I've had many great experiences with 2 DBs, one in NC and one in NJ. I never felt pressured to buy a dress and the woman was so helpful, even staying late to help me order one when I picked it out. It then arrived within 5 days. I never heard anything about dresses being discontinued but then my bridesmaid dress WAS discontinued. I was panicky at first but it ended up great because the discontinued price was $50 cheaper. I recommend them to everyone!
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    Did you go to the DB in Greenville?  My friend is ordering hers from there, had an excellent girl named Angie helping her.  I'm going to the same one to try a few on this Saturday.  Kinda nervous because my orginial plans are to go to Raliegh/Cary in a few weeks and try on gowns there.
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