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i am tired i need a church

i am not a church going body i just need a church near maple wood NJ to get married or even surrounding cities

Re: i am tired i need a church

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    St. George's Episcopal Church 550 Ridgewood Rd Maplwood, NJ 07040 973-762-1319
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    Why marry in a church if you don't attend church, then? Is your FI the one who wants a church wedding? If so, ask him to contact the priest where he attends Masses.
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    We're getting married really close to there - At Our Lady of Sorrows in South Orange. They've been VERY accomodating. We're not parishioners there and we're having a priest from my home parish in Long Island coming to perform the ceremony. And it is a BEAUTIFUL very traditional looking church! I will say it seems a little pricey though! It's $600 for the church site and you're required to use their cantor & organist - but we saw them and def think they're worth the money and we don't have to look for someone to bring in. Here's their info:217 Prospect StSouth Orange, NJ 07079-1803(973)
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    Do you even care what type of church it is? Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc... What about getting married at the reception hall since you don't attend church.
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    I love the title of this post. It's just like a string of random thoughts. lol



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