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Did you find that with a smaller budget they had a good selection at Klienfelds? I am so nervous. My Budget is max $2k.  Do I have a shot? I made an appointment with Keesha (sp) too.

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    I think they have a large/nice selection of under 2k dresses BUT it may depend on the style you are looking for. I had a very specific style in mind and due to my shape (i'm a thick chick :-)) i couldnt really look at every dress they had in my price range. I was looking for more of a ball gown. I would also check out one of their sample sales if you have a chance. I went after a sample sale but they still showed me a few that didnt sell, my 1st dress in a different color would have only been $500

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    Thanks. That makes me feel so much better.  I will call them and see when the sample sale is.  So glad  you found a nice dress that worked for you
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    Make sure when you go there you tell them that your budget is under $2k. Because they will pull dresses at your max and then you have to pay tax + alterations (which is about $650 flat rate, unless they give you a break on it). Oh and before you agree to have it shipped to NJ find out how much shipping would cost vs. that actual tax. Sometimes the difference isn't that large and isn't worth the hassle of someone being there to sign for it and schlep it back to the city for alterations.
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