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Pissed. Just a warning, this is a long vent.

To make a long story short, I had my final fitting appointment today, and when I showed up, my dress wasn't at the bridal shop. It was at the seamstress's shop (she is an independent seamstress, does not work FOR the bridal shop but rather just works with them), AND it was not even finished. Now, the only thing that had to be done to it was the bustle had to be arranged or whatever. No other actual alterations had to be done. This woman also is the one who told ME when to come in. She's the one who set the appointment, told me which day to come in. I just told her I'd be there. This appointment was also set a month and a half ago. I am incredibly pissed. Not only because this woman didn't have my dress not only not ready (although her story bounced around from "oh it's definitely done" to "it's at my shop but it's not finished" to "I think I may have worked on it but I'm not sure"), but she didn't even have it in the shop and for a good 20 minutes had no clue where it was until she had her husband go back to the shop and call her and let her know if it was there or not. This woman was already paid for her work. $300 freakin' dollars, and when I come in for my final appointment you don't even HAVE the dress there, AND you haven't even finished working with it? She said she'd give me a $50 refund, but whoop-de-freakin'-do. A whole $50 dollars to stress me out, and you didn't even do your job when you were supposed to? BS.So not only do I have more stress now (last week the tux place told me that they didn't have any ties listed for the groomsmen, but this was after I called them for a question and they noticed the space left black on our, now, two weeks before my wedding and 6 months after we saw them and had everything figured out...if I had never called them, were they going to inform me that there were no ties listed for the boys?!), but she also wasted my time, my MOH's time, and my mother's time. I drove 45 minutes to pick up my MOH, 20 minutes from her house to the bridal shop, 20 minutes back to her house to drop her off, and 45 minutes home again. For nothing. And now I have to do it all over again on Wednesday, for something that should have been taken care of today.Oh, and some idiot teenager backed into my new car yesterday and left me with a nice big dent in the back bumper and a busted tail light.I'm pretty livid. I don't need this nonsense with less than 2 weeks to go!

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Re: Pissed. Just a warning, this is a long vent.

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    While extremely irritating take a deep breath. Atleast everything is going to work out. It's frustrating and a big waste of time, but they verified that they do have your dress. As for the ties, it's the same thing. You can stress out about "What would have happened if I didn't call," but at the end of the day you did call and everythign is going to work out just fine.
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