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Is there a park where I can bring alcohol?

or a place like that...I know that NJ state parks are dry, but I need something that allows booze. I called a place but they want $15 per person, and thats just too much for just an entrance feeI want to throw a clambake for Fi's 30th birthday. It can really be anywhere in NJ, since his friends are all over, i would prefer the monmouth county area, but its not important

Re: Is there a park where I can bring alcohol?

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    MYE. There is a place in Whitehouse called Pickle Park.  You have to call and rent it out. You can bring beer and wine and I think the permit is $10.  My best friend had a destination wedding and did a picnic there. I think you can only be there until dusk. Its really not anything super special,  but they have like pavillion that you can set up food and stuff under.  Hope that helps.
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    Try Holmdel Park or Thompson Park- I see people having BBQs there all the time and could swear they have beer.

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    I have a picnic every year in Thompson Park in Monroe Township. You pay for the spot and then like $60 for a liquor license. I tried to have it in Holmdel this year because its much nicer. However, its crazy expensive for the spot. And all Monmouth County parks are dry. Who knew.
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    Monmouth Battlefield Park & Allaire.  I don't know about the alcohol thing but I know I have seen BBQs at Battlefield!  I can't imagine they were dry.
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    and they have a good size concrete patio area with tables, etc.  We used to have a lot of my brother's kiddie birthday parties there, but I know they have upgraded it.
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    its possible to apply for a alcohol permit to any park?
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    I almost want to say or thought Island beach did allow it, along with fires.It would be at the end part for fishermen.
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    Not in Monmouth County. Or at least county parks, like Holmdel. But in Middlesex you can.
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