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New Jersey

"Rustic" indoor or outdoor venues in NJ and surrounding area

Hi, I have been looking on my own for the ideal venue that would suite my fiance and I with very little success, so I thought I'd ask around. We live in San Diego, and while originally he wanted to head north and have a simple outdoor wedding in the redwoods, nearly my entire large family lives in NJ and we wanted them to be able to make it even more, so it's going to be in NJ, or somewhere that's just a modest drive into PA or NY. Because it's been almost 10 years since I lived in NJ myself, I have to do everything remotely. We're looking for a place either indoors or outdoors for the ceremony and reception, most likely in the late summer. We're an easy-going, not very traditional, outdoorsy kind of couple. If it were outdoors it would be nice to find a wooded spot reminiscent of the redwoods that he originally wanted (of course I forgot about ticks and other bugs that aren't usually a problem in CA - has anyone had to deal with this at an outdoor wedding there?) If it were indoors, my initial idea was a barn-style building that could be dressed up nicely, or basically anything with classy wood panelling and exposed rafters. I love the idea of the dark, wood textures and candlelights. I know we may never find exactly what we're looking for, but I'm hoping some of you out there might have some suggestions for places that are along these lines. Thanks for all of your help!

Re: "Rustic" indoor or outdoor venues in NJ and surrounding area

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    I'm getting married at the Lake Valhalla Club.  I think it may be what you're looking for.  It's half outdoors, half indoors, has a gorgeous tent for cocktail hour, and the indoors is all wood and glass, has two big stone fireplaces and lots of candlelight.  Check them out:

    Also, the Crossed Keys Inn was gorgeous, but a bit out of my price range if you want to check it out as well. 

    Good luck with the planning!
  • dinnamingdinnaming member
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    If you want real rustic, the Prallsville Mill is beautiful.  http://home2.netcarrier.com/~drms/index.html

    They were probably our second choice but the rental barn which rents the place out was seriously lacking in their responsiveness.  A simple google search will show their mixed reviews.  SO... if "rustic" is important to you... and you're able to be more laid back than me... this place could be for you.  

    Good luck in your search!  And congrats on your engagement!
  • JCjigJCjig member
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    I've been to a wedding at Lake Valhalla Club and it was unbelievably wonderful. The combination of the outdoors and rustic interior really impressed me. The wedding was in October and we were still able to spend some time outside during cocktail hour. 
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    Hey! We were in a similar position a few months ago- We live in Seattle but decided to get married closer to 90% of our family on the east coast. I will say finding a more rustic/simple venue in NJ is not easy!

    Here are some places we considered:

    Ballyowen Golf Club: "Pavillion" style with dark wood walls and ceiling, patio stone flooring, indoor/outdoor. This is where we booked! Planning from a distance, we decided to go with an "all included" venue instead of organizing rentals/catering/etc. Beautiful setting, good food options, rustic feeling inside and out, and very affordable, especially compared to other crystal springs resorts (Starts at 85 pp)

    Indian Trail Club: nice lakeside setting. 2nd choice. Ballroom is a little more "formal/traditional" though.

    Rutgers Gardens: Do it yourself style venue, overlooking a river. Rustic Picnic pavillion in the woods. Need to bring in a lot of outside stuff though-- bathrooms/lighting/food/some rentals/etc.

    The Inn at Lambertville Station: Discovered this place after we booked our venue, but would have liked to check it out. On the Delaware- high ceilings, beautiful wood rafters and paneling.

    Bayonet Farm: Also very do it yourself. And no bathrooms at all. But it was the Barn I had my heart set on.

    Laurita Winery- Loved the look of this place. But it was out of our budget. And you have to serve NJ wine. Which after living in Cali (like we used to), may be hard.

    Raritan Inn- Also a barn, with limited capacity though, and a B&B on site. More ammenities available though. They will also do a tented wedding off the side for larger parties. (We wanted to avoid tents though, so passed on this great venue).

    The Red Mill- NJ icon! But again, larger groups need to use a tent.

    Stone House at Stirling Ridge- Craftsman style, which after living in SoCal and Seattle, is my favorite. Very expensive though, and has mixed reviews for service.

    Good luck planning!

  • maddie7maddie7 member
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    I would recommend Hawk Point, very rustic and has a lovely fireplace and great deck. http://www.hawkpointegolf.com/sites/courses/view.asp?id=921&page=51756.

    If you are willing to go over the bridge to PA (literally 15 min) there is the Stroudmoor and they do everything for you, pics, invites, its a great place and gorgeous!
  • lmlucarinilmlucarini member
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    how many are you having at LV? I was considering it but even though they say they can take 200 it seemed a little small.
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