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Makeup/Hair Tipping for wedding day

My bridemaids are all paying for their own makeup and hair on the wedding day (I made it optional and all chose to have it done).  I told them I would take care of tips.  The hair and makeup people are coming to the venue to get ready on site

- Assuming I do need to tip, how much would you give per girl? 
I have a larget bridal party so it can get costly but I want to tip the right amount.


Re: Makeup/Hair Tipping for wedding day

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    I may be wrong (have heard so many sides to this) but I BELIEVE it depends on if the makeup artist owns their own business or not....
    I think it has something to do with the fact that the owner takes in all the amount (minus overhead of course, which is pretty much nill compared tot what they charge per girl!) whereas an employee has to pay the owner a percentage of the amount.
    Again, I may be wrong, but I personally always tip owners less.
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    I agree with Heather..That is what I have heard also.
    Christina : )
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