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What should I wear on my feet?

We are going to atempt to take outdoor pictures before the ceremony at the Castle in Paterson.  I wanted to get something fun to wear for these pics.  Any ideas? I am looking for a economical idea. Meaning something I could wear after the wedding too.

Re: What should I wear on my feet?

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    If it rains, get funky rain boots.
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    Are you already doing a colored shoe?
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    I would agree with Laurns. I am getting a colored shoe to provide a pop of color. The rain boots are a cute idea too.
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    I agree with PPer's do a fun colored heel. That's I'm doing! Or do rain boots because you could have snow.
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    My vote is colored shoes as well. What color are the BMS wearing?  Do you already have a "something blue"? 

    Someone once posted this link on here and I have found it to be the best resource for inexpensive bridal/wedding party shoes. I don't know the quality, and they are not dyed, but they are a good deal!

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    I love the idea of a cute colored heel! But only if you are going to be able to get around, like with snow or rain (mud). So if that's the case I would probably go with the cute rain boots or maybe a funky pair of Uggs b/c they are super comfy
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