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What kinds of cocktail hour stations were you offered? Or if you were a guest at a wedding there, what kinds of stations did you see?

I'm looking at their online menu for weddings, and I see that cocktail hour includes a pasta station, saute station, three meat carving stations and a focaccia-style pizza station.

Fi and I like everything except the pizza station, so I was wondering what the other station choices were. Or can we suggest something? We thought it might be cool to have a mashed potato bar, or a sliders/burgers station with fries. How open are they to personal ideas?

I know we can ask when we go to pick the menu in another month or two (eeep!), but since it's slow I figured I'd ask now. TIA

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    MB---Honestly, besides the basic choices you get in the paperwork you got at the beginning, they didn't really give us much say in the other stuff, although we didn't really ask.   We requested sliders as a passed hors deurve, but honestly, I can't even remember if they even had them.  We were too busy talking to everyone during the cocktail hour that I didn't really eat much.    I asked my husband and he didn't remember either.

    I have to say that I had many people tell me that they loved the pizza station at the cocktail hour.   I would keep that, from what I hear it is very good.  

    You can always ask them to subsitute, for me they were very easy to work they may be able to do something for you.

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    Thanks Laurie! It won't be a big deal if our menu is exactly as it is on the website, because it sounds good, I was just wondering what their choices (if any) are like.

    I think I lost the menu paper we got at the beginning. Oops :P
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