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Berkeley Plaza v. Empire Club

Anyone have reviews on these two venues? They seem to be in my price range (very low), seem to be decent looking enough, and seem to offer a lot for the price.  I plan to visit them both in the next couple of weeks, but I 'm wondering if anyone has been there and can comment on their look in real life, food, and service.  Recommendations for venues similarly priced are welcome.  Thanks!

Re: Berkeley Plaza v. Empire Club

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    We went on a tour of the Empire Club.  Nothing is wrong with it but it was just ok in our book.  What we didn't like was the bar was outside of the main room, the parking lot is down the street and it's in the middle of a neighborhood with tons of kids.  Be warned their "outdoor" space is no bigger than a typical yard.

    There was a knottie last year that had her wedding there.  It's supposed to be only on event at a time and when she showed up on her wedding day there were 2. Also because of religious reasons she requested no alcohol be served but they opened up a cash bar without her permission. 
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    We will be having our wedding at the Berkeley Plaza this June. Like you said, it's affordable and was just what we were looking for. They do have the ability to have 2 weddings there at the same time. They have 3 levels. The lowest level has just a large room for cocktail hour, the second/main level has the large ballroom and another cocktail room and the upper level has a smaller ballroom. With our minimum, they allowed us to have exclusive use of the facility. The staff has been great to work with so far. They also have group tastings sometime around February I think so you can taste the food. It's almost like a "mini" wedding because they also have their dj and other local vendors there with open bar and food from cocktail hour. HTH!
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    If you are on a budget then chek out The Elan.  they are pretty close to the empire club and there are rooms are great. 
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