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All Events Perfect- 08/14/11 Review Part 2

All Events Perfect - F

This was the worst vendor ever. She sent me a questionnaire to complete a few weeks before the wedding. I was very detailed in my responses regarding the times the vendors would arrive photographer, videographer, Limos, make up & hair and. I gave details about when we would take pictures , where we would take pictures and who needed to be there. She had all that she needed to put together a very detailed and thorough timeline. She sends me back garbage.

First off she listed the wedding date as 08/13. WRONG....... My wedding date was 08/14. The timeline was the most pathetic thing that I had ever seen. She had left out all the vendors prior to the start of the ceremony. There was no timeline of their arrivals, what time we needed to be where....nothing. She started at Ceremony starts at 2:30. WRONG....again. The ceremony starts at 2:00. The rest was pretty basic first dance, cake cutting and go home. Which once again she had the wrong time. I quickly pointed out all that was wrong and she basically said oops. At this point I was annoyed and pretty much knew that this was going to turn out bad. 

Fast forward to Friday August 12, 2 days before my wedding. She calls me and says that her grandmother is in the hospital and may pass away at any minute. Therefore she will not be acting as lead planner on the day of my wedding. She will be an assistant to someone else just incase she gets called away. I immediately felt for her situation but on the same hand this is my wedding day. I hired Sarah Jane.......I've never met or had any contact with anyone else. I'm now wondering did she book another wedding on my day and is now skipping out on me? She did have the wrong date on my timeline. I told her that I wasn't happy. Later that day the new person calls me and says " I'm the planner for your wedding on August 13" I quickly told her that my date is Aug 14.....She said she was in her car and didn't have my info on hand but would call me later.

At that point I called Sarah Jane and said I wanted a meeting with the 3 of us to discuss what my day should look like. I was very nervouse about this. I had corresponded with Sarah Jane for over a year and now a new person is coming in 2 days before that never had any involvement. Well, Sarah said that she would set up a meeting the next day. She text me that evening and said that she couldn't get in touch with the new person. Well guess what, I told the new person that Sarah was trying to reeach her and she told me that she never left her any messages. This was really starting to look shady. At 4am I received an email from Sarah Jane that the grandmother passed away. So you know what that means right....She's now off the hook to meet with me. 

The next day, the new person met with me at my hotel room. You got it, the day before my wedding. She was a very sweat girl and told me that she has her own wedding planning business and was doing Sarah a favor. She asked if everything OK because I seemed a little annoyed. While talking about what was going on she tells me that she was surprised that I didn't know months ago that she was doing my wedding. She told me that Sarah Jane asked her to take on my wedding in May. Mine and 6 others. She said that Sarah Jane had approached her while they were both covering an event at the Manor and told her that she had just had a baby and had some complications afterward and could not do weddings that she was booked for. The new girl agreed to take on some of her weddings to help her out. She told me it wasn't  for the money because Sarah Jane is ony paying her $350.. ...per wedding. What a kick in the face. I paid her $1k  she pays someone else $350 and pockets $650 for nothing. She is a scam artist, a con and anyone that has booked with her should cut their losses now before she gets you too. I just wonder how many other people she has done this to.

From speaking with the new planner my guess is that Sarah Jane sub contracts smaller weddings and those she feel are not as exstravagant as the "Destination Weddings" that she's always bragging about doing on her Facebook page. I am really curious to see how many other brides that she has done this to. If she also pulled this scam on you please pm me

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    Whoa....reading this really upsets me. I feel so bad that this happened to you. I almost want to hunt this person down myself and I'm not even using her. I opted out of a wedding coordinator ( hoping this doesn't bite me in the butt) but if I did, I would trust that person to do what they need to do. My goodness is this lady disorganized and deceitful. People have hearts and if you had a baby and there are health issues, then you need to disclose this information. Sub-contracting people for reduced costs and pocketing money is horrible. I understand you need to get paid for the time you invested but there needs to be tranparency in business. I'm so sorry.

    P.S. So glad Vogue was awesome for you. I used your recommendation for my ceremony =)

    Also happy that you loved GT Modern Creations. Can't wait to work with them!!!
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    Sorry to hear that happened to you but it seems like your day was pretty much perfect anyways!  So exciting.

    Was just wondering what the need of the DOC is- I didn't think I needed one because everyone at my venue told me not to get one and that they handle all that coordination.  I am just wondering if I should hire one now?
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    That is terrible I think that would maybe consider suing her in small claims because that is really not right. She didn't hold up her end of the deal at all.
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    Did you want your reviews added to our review site and if so, using your knot name or anonymously?
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    sent you a pm. reading this makes me so blech bc I'm using her too.
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    Yes ! Please post my reviews with my knot name
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