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hoboken st. patrick's day recs?

hey girls - 

could anyone give me some hoboken st. patrick's day recommendations? which bars are best to go to? also, what's the latest you can get to the bars without waiting in line all day? 

thank you!
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Re: hoboken st. patrick's day recs?

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    Downtown bars are usually more happening and I would say to get there by 10/10:30am because by 11 there will be a line.  However, they are supposedly cracking down more on the day ever since last year when people were having sex in the bar window.

    And do not drive in.  If you are planning to drive in come in the night beforehand - garages will be packed and the streets, well disgusting.
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    I always liked going to Willie McBride's. They have a super adorable old Irish singer and a lot of space because it gets crowded. Warning though, get on line early because it gets long and you may not get in. I'd recommend at least an hour early.

    Shana & Josh

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    I think you can drive just get there early, we drove last year and got in about 10:00 am and we were fine, the garages has plenty of room. We are planning on driving in againa this year.
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    I'm actually hoping to leave town that whole weekend so I don't have to deal with any of it.  First few times were awesome but now it's more so infuriating especially with people peeing off the roofs.
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    Yeah, I can imagine it being annoying if you lived there.....
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