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I was checking out your bio and saw you ordered place cards from Paper Source. How are you going to print them on your computer? I've tried this in the past and not had any luck. Any pointers?

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    I'm going to make a table in Word with my desired height/width, then type the names in each cell and print it out onto white cardstock. Then I'm going to cut each cell out and paste it onto the colored place cards.

    I got moss green and black place cards, so even if I had the patience to try and print directly onto the card (which I don't :P), I doubt the ink would show up.

    I wanted white cardstock mounted onto colored place cards from the beginning, so I never considered anything else. Something along these lines:

    Good luck! Sorry I didn't have the answer that you needed. Paper Source seems pretty good with customer service, so maybe try contacting them for help?
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    butting in... those are really cute!!

    I ordered from paper source too (thanks to mbc)... and got the chartreuse colored cards. I'll be having a calligrapher print directly onto the cards. She charges $0.35 cents per place card, so for 75 cards it will be a little over $25 which is really nothing in the grand scheme of things.
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