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New Jersey

experience weather stalkers needed!

OK- I'm 18 days out.  Probably too early to be "weather stalking" for real....but what websites have the longest forcasts!  I don't care how hot it is, I just need NO rain! :)

Re: experience weather stalkers needed!

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    18 days is definitely too far out to start stalking. Unfortunately, I think you have to wait until your about 4 days away. A girlfriend of mine in is a meteorologist in VA and normally I bug her about weather 4 days before.
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    I found that accuweather.com had the longest extended forecast. However they called for severe storms on our wedding day and we had blue skies so it is very unpredictable.
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    accuweater.com has 15 days out, but like the pp said, it will change a hundred times before your wedding day.   when i was stalking the weather, it said it was going to be beautiful everytime I checked.  then 2 days before it showed all rain, because a tropical storm came through...it ended up pouring all day!   Don't worry about the weather, nothing you can do to change it!
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    I agree with Laurie- don't worry about it. I gave up stalking the weather after it changed 20 times. My mom would tell me the accuweather called for sunny and 80 and weather.com called for rain and 70, so reall you have no idea.

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    haha can't guarantee the accuracy...they actually can only accurately predict the forecast 8 hours out, but it's still an interesting site.  I picked Wayne cause it's kind of in the middle and I'm not positive where you're getting married.
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    If you go here: http://weather.org/weatherorg_records_and_averages.htm and put in your wedding date ~ it gives you that date's whole weather history each year... not a perdiction persay, but interesting to see the trends!
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    Being married is a real thriller! =)

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    Thanks girls- I know your right that weather stalking doesn't pay- but I think I need something else to stress about :)
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