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Location/Venue 911 needed... Beach Venue Advice??

I would love to have a beach wedding but, wondering if it is really "doable".  We have both been married before (3rd for him, my 2nd) and want something small and tasteful. We plan on inviting only family and our closest friend, which should be 50 people or less.  I was married EXTREMELY young so, this would almost be "like a first" again for me. The only requirement I have at this point is.. I want the full affect of him seeing me walk towards him, in the wedding dress.  Nothing super formal but, tasteful. I would like to keep the price as moderate as possilbe and enjoy a honeymoon... since the first time (tender age of 16) I didnt have one! 

Any ideas on North Carolina Beach Venues?  We are located in Charlotte so, the mountains or a vineyard setting would be considered as well.

Re: Location/Venue 911 needed... Beach Venue Advice??

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    What do you mean by 'doable'? Plenty of people have beach weddings (both small and large) as well as vineyard weddings.

    Are thre certain stipulations that would cause the wedding to not be 'doable'?
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    The month of June is can be pretty hot and with my "late notice" and the fact that I have no clue where to start looking. There are so many options available, it can be overwhelming.  And.... how do you work out the... "and he turns and looks to see his bride walking toward him".  Im not sure how that is done, with the beach wedding. How do you "keep outta site" until the "right moment".

    This surely will depend on the venue selected... any places you've seen that would recommend?
    Stipulations- none really. Would to keep the charge for the ceremony venue to $500 range. Would be nice to find something that allowed fpr an outside caterer. Will probably wanna keep this to finger foods, no big sit down meal. 

    Any "i saw this really quaint wedding spot" suggestions.. greatly appreciated!!!

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    Surfside Center in Surf City, NC. Google it. I had a beach wedding there. It was perfect. I was able to stay hidden from my DH until the moment I walked down the aisle.
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    I'm "not sure" why we're speaking in "code" here with all the quotes.  But regardless, there are plenty of places on the NC beaches where you can get the aisle affect and have a 50 person wedding.

    You're right, June is hot.  You should keep the ceremony short if it's going to be outdoors. 

    I think Surf City, like PP suggested, is a good location based on what you've said.
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