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I saw you got married at Bridgewater Manor 5 months ago- we're getting married there this October 30th- any suggestions/helpful tips?

Thank you!!
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    We loved it there!  The food got raves and they were really on top of things.  We had Michael helping us, he was great.  What room are you going to be in?  We were in the smallest room upstairs, the Hunterdon Room.  There’s really not much you have to worry about, they take very good care of you on the day of – so much so, MH actually found the Maitre’D to be a bit overbearing.  I can't remember anything that stands out in a bad way.  Except that they don't like to negotiate prices but I'm sure you already know that.  lol  Are you having your ceremony there too? 

     If you're using one of the hotels, we’d been hearing varying things about their shuttle service too.  I have heard you  need a minimum of ten rooms booked in order to be able to use the “free” shuttle from the place to the hotel, but we only had 3 rooms booked and the shuttle was still free.  I'd make sure of that because I have heard different things.  We used the Hotel Sierra which was really nice but had no bar (it has a lounge and a drink serving area but no actual bar).

    I think you'll love it there - everything went very smoothly and the cocktail hour especially is fantastic!  Good luck!


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    Yay! That's excellent and I'm so glad you had a great day.

    We'll be in the Imperial room (top right room) and we've been working with Michael also. As far as hotels we're using the Bridgewater Marriott (as our main hotel) and the Summerfield Suites (for some family traveling with pets and larger groups). We'll have to confirm about the shuttles but I know the Marriott has a 11 room minimum.

    Thanks for the feedback and belated congrats :)
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