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Jaehee Bridal in Englewood anyone??

Im going there next week to look at gowns. Has anyone gone to this place? Is there a large selection?

Re: Jaehee Bridal in Englewood anyone??

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    I looked for dresses at Jaehee before they moved to their new space.  I worked with Patrice and she was awesome.  I was between two dresses and I ended up buying a Rivini dress from a salon in LI, but if I had gone with the Melissa Sweet dress, I would have purchased it from Jaehee Bridal.

    Some advice (for all salons):
    If you have seen a particular dress from a designer that you really want to try on, call the salon ahead of time.  Sometimes they don't have the exact dress you want to try on, but most likely they can order it from you in time for your appointment.

    Good luck!
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    I went twice. The first time, they showed me things that were above my budget (definitely understate your budget by at least $500 when you go here!). I printed out photos of simple dresses that happened to have brooches, and my saleswoman assumed that meant I loved bling.

    They didn't carry the dresses I liked, and they didn't do a good job of finding similar styles. Granted, maybe it's because their selection may not be that good.

    I only returned because they were having a Rosa Clará trunk show. I love her designs; the fabric, unfortunately, was horrendous.
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    I went looking for mainly lace Maggie Sottero gowns....they didn't really have any.  My salesgirl seemed disappointed they didn't really have anything I loved and had me try on a bunch of other gowns I wasn't at all crazy about.  The selection wasn't bad; there just wasn't anything I was looking for so it wasn't really a positive experience. 
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    I foud my dress at the Pronovias flagship store but ordered it through Jaehee b/c they gave me a better price and by buying it in NJ, I avoided paying salestax. 

    When I went there, they were very nice and I tried on several other dresses before placing my order.  The new space is beautiful and they have a decent selection but I would definitley have some guidelines in mind as to fit and style, although as previously posted, you shoiuld have those when going to any bridal salon. 

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    They had a really great selection but I felt like the sales person I had (name I don't remember) was pressuring me a lot. She even called 3 times to tell me about a sample sale and ask if I had decided even after I told her that I would call he when I was interested. That turned me off a bit but not enough to not buy a dress there because again they did have a lot of styles and designers (I also vistied the old location)
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    i sadly had a bad experience there. it was the third place I had went too and when they sat me down to learn about what I was looking for I clearly explained my budget and also told them how i accidently tried on a gown at another salon that was WAY over budget (exquiste brides in millbun)  but I was looking for something similar in style (minus about $2000!). the sales woman brought me gowns- and they were beautiful but when i looked down at the tag they were the exact same price as the gown i loved and she actually brought me a few that were more expensive!! It was like she was trying to sell me the expensive gown rather than put me in something in my budget. I decided to take a peek at some of the other gowns and found a few within my price range. When i put them on she made several comments about how they fabrics weren't comparible and the quality was so so. I was a little dissapointed considering this gown was $2900!! Overall i just got a bad taste from them and felt they kept pushing me to buy something more expensive. I wound up buying a beautiful gown at Park Avenue Bridals a few weeks later :)
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