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Help with figuring out tips please!

i LOVE the knot community boards!! You ladies have all helped me soooo much!!! (even if I've read some very heated discussions! lol)

So far, I've had help finding an officiant and a hair/makeup artist, so I am once again reaching out!

I am a budget bride, but I know how important it is to give a proper tip, and as long as my vendors do a good job, I'd like to give them something nice =)

Who do I tip? What percent do I tip? I figured hair and makeup would be 20% of the cost? But what about the officiant? Djs? Florist? Photographer? 

Thank you!!!!

Re: Help with figuring out tips please!

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    If a certain vendor owns his or her own business then you don't need to tip, unless you feel they did an exceptional job.  

    Here is a list of who I tipped, and how much

    Hair stylist - 20%
    Makeup artist - she owned her own business but I threw in an extra $10
    Officiant- he owned his own business, I didn't tip
    DJ - $50
    MC - $50
    Florist - I wanted to tip, but he came to my house when I wasn't there, and then went to the venue to set up before I even showed up so I wasn't able to tip him.  I would have tipped $50 though
    Photographer - $50
    Videographer - $50
    Venue - Tip was included in the final cost so I didn't tip extra

    I think that just about covers it!

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    Thank you!!!! =D
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