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Hi ladies,

Fiance and I set our date for August 2013 and I want to begin looking for dresses this summer. Can anyone recommend some places to look for dresses in the North/Central Jersey area?

Thanks so much!

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    I just went shopping for the first time this past weekend.  I went to Hollywood Bridal in Kenilworth.  I can't remember the womans name that helped me, but she was awesome.  She explained the different types of materials, dress style, and what designer will make changes to your dress.  (She did this with the veils too) They also allow for pics to be taken as you try stuff on.  I highly recommend them. They require an appointment to try on dresses so don't forget that.  Good Luck!!
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    Hearts For You rt. 9 englishtown
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    Let me preface this by saying that I'm plus sized so my experience may be different than yours.

    I had bad customer service experiences at both Bridals by Roma in Clifton and Park Avenue Bridals in Verona.

    If you're thin, the experience might be different.
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    Hollywood Bridal in Kenilworth
    Arelene's Bridal in Bloomfield
    Russell's Bridal in Linden
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    I got my dress at Cinderella Bridals in Mawatwan, Pat helped me.

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    I got my dress at JaeHee Bridal in Englewood and was actually the only shop in NJ I went to.  The only thing you might not like is that they do not have all their dresses on display, the consultant picks for you.  In my case, this was good because I had visited about 5 other out of state salons where I was picking my own dresses and was picking all the WRONG styles.  My consultant at JaeHee had me sold after the 3rd dress!
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    agu101agu101 member
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    Castle Couture in Malboro.  Beautiful dresses, big selection of dresses, and overall great experience.  Russel's in Linden was also a good experience. 

    Do you have a particular designer you are interested in?  Check out their website and see what stores are listed in NJ.  Also, please be aware that even though you may see a dress you like online, many stores may not carry the sample so it's always good to call ahead and ask if they have it; otherwise, bring pictures with you of styles you like so it can help your consultant get a sense of your style.  
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    BMG2013BMG2013 member
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    I got my dress at Exquisite Bride in Millburn. They have gorgeous dresses and seriously made me feel like I was the only bride in the world. Plus, after I left (and purchased the dress) I googled it since I was so in love and found out that the woman who had helped me in the store was the designer of the dress! Can't get much cooler than that :) 
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    abungerabunger member
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    I also had a great experience at Hollywood Bridal in Kenilworth.
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    I am getting my dress at Cinderella Bridals in Matawan too. Your price point will affect where you can go though too. I looked at some places in Red Bank - but WOAH waaaaaaaaaaaaaay outta my price point.
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    JimianJimian member
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    I had been to 6 bridal salons and here is my review of each

    True Love Bridal in Matawan- This was our first stop. It was really small and you're kind of forced to be independent there. The women who worked there did their own thing and I looked at the dresses on my own. I was kind of caught off guard when the woman was like "Do you need help in the dressing room?". I felt like saying "Do you expect me to lace up a corset on my own?". It was definitely the least nicest place of the 6, but I'm glad I went there first so I could see all the dresses in person without worrying about a pushy saleslady rushing me.

    Hearts for You in Englishtown- This place had the smallest selection, but by far the nicest staff. The woman who helped me, Cyd, made me feel great and everyone was more than accommodating. Unfortunately, the selection was small. 

    Castle Couture- I left this store nearly in tears. It was by far the worst experience I had. From the moment I walked in I felt rushed and I felt like everyone there was in a bad mood. My consultant warned me that she would have to leave a half hour into our appointment, so she was in a big rush and she kept dissapearing. At one point she opened the door to my changing room wide open and there was a group of men standing right outside the door who saw me in my bra and underware. She never apologized or acknowledged that I was mortified. I couldn't get the size 8 sample over my hips and she made a face like she was judging me for it. It was so awful, I cut the session short.

    Cinderella Bridals in Matawan- This is where I ultimatley ended up purchasing my dress! I worked with Pat who was great. They offer a discount for your bridesmaid dresses so we went there with my girls and I had a pretty bad experience with my bridesmaids. They only take appointments for bridal gowns, which they really need to change. It was a mad house with the bridesmaids. We had to be totally independent and it was hard to find someone who could answer our questions. But as far as getting my bridal gown there, I had a great time. They have a private viewing room which was great. We never felt rushed or pushed.
    I ended up purchasing my dress on the second visit. 

    David's Bridal in Freehold- This place was okay. The changing rooms were filthy but the women in there were over-the-top sweet and friendly. I tried on dresses that were in the 1,000-1,500 range and they felt itchy and uncomfortable. I tried on dresses at the same price in other stores and didn't have that problem. 

    Kleinfelds- This was the last stop. I told myself if I didn't find something here that I loved more than the dress I found at Cinderella Bridals, then I would stop looking. It's absolutley beautiful on the inside and there is a huge selection. However, I tried on dresses that were up to 5,000 and not a single one compared to my Maggie Sottero dress at Cinderella Bridals (which cost a 1/4 of the price). I would tell the saleslady what I liked and didn't like about each dress and instead of looking for something that fit the description I gave her, she suggested costly alterations and additions. I really felt like I was being pressured and I had the feeling like I just wanted to get out of there. It was fun to go for the experience though. 

    Hope this helps
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    I ordered from Bridal Fantasy in Woodbridge/Avenel.  Doesn't look like much from the outside, but they are the sweetest ladies and include alterations.  I actually found my dress somewhere else and they are ordering it for me.  I went there after several co-workers raved about their experience with them. 

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    Thank you ladies for all of the feedback! This is a great list to get started! Seems alot of people have had a positive experience at Cinderella Brides :)
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    Watch out BIG time for Castle Couture and their alterations. It is a lovely store with a broad selection. I found a dress I loved in about an hour and they seemed very professional - as long as you are in the bridal area. Everyone in the front seems like they are just out of high school and completely clueless. My dress finally arrived and I tried it on and they were going to order me a bustier and petit coat. I didn't even have my bridal shoes yet so no alterations were to take place. I go back 3 weeks later and put the dress on and it went from being to big to being about a size and a half too small. I waited an hour and 15 minutes for the seamstress, they never ordered the under garments they were supposed to and she did all kinds of alterations we never discussed. The dress was so tight that I had a hard time breathing, can't even sit down in it and it was buckling in the back. I have no idea how the seamstress altered it bc she never measured me or pinned it etc. This was the day she was supposed to do that. So I'm getting married in two weeks and I have a $2,000 dress that is so painfully tight I'm looking for other ones online - and they are trying to charge me $350 for alterations. The woman after me was also extremely mad as she had been kept waiting for over an hour too. They need more seamstresses and women (not teenagers) to help with the dresses. I was put in a room by a girl that looked about 16 expecting me to get in the dress myself. I don't get how alterations were done when I didn't even have my bustier yet.

    So overall the original purchasing of the dress was a great experience, but the alterations have been a nightmare. At this point I don't know what I'm going to wear on my wedding day. I also learned that vendors are allowed to delete negative reviews they get on wedding wire so that is why you never see any. They also offered me $50 towards jewlery if I wrote a positive review on wedding wire.
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