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Hi Ladies,
Has anyone heard of Motoko -Love in Progress Videographer?  I decided to book her, and loved her work on her website.  I did a lot of comparison with other videographers, and I felt that she did the best documentary (it didn't feel fake/posed/boring). Just wondering if anyone has used her before.  I think shes a great artist...


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    melissa82melissa82 member
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    I was close to booking her, liked her a lot. Only thing was I noticed in a few shots the video was shaky, and when I asked her about it she said "Maybe by the time of your wedding, I'll be a better videographer." ?? Strange response. I think most videographers wear something to help keep the camera still, she does not (at least didn't 1.5 years ago when I was looking). I also thought her style was a little too vintage for me and would go out of style.

    Definitely very artistic though.
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    Hi Melissa,
    Motoko does have a vintage feel to her videos, which is good in some moderation.  I watched a few of her full lengths and she does have a variety of approaches. I like how she uses two videographers instead of one so she can capture different angles (that was a major plus for me since I want to see me walking down the aisle and someone else capturing the back of my dress). I didn't see shakiness on her videos she sent me - hopefully its a good sign she got better ;) 

    I see you're getting married very soon!  Enjoy the excitement of the next few weeks, and congrats!
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    MMWorldMMWorld member
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    I don't know about them but we used Creative Video Editing Films.  They were incredible and the work was beyond anything we ever imagined.
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