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Does Michaels accept AC Moore coupons?

I think they definitely once did, but do they still?
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Re: Does Michaels accept AC Moore coupons?

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    Yes, they do! But AC Moore won't take Michael's coupons.
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    Wow, I didn't know they ever did; thanks for the tip!
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    Thanks, cutiepie! 

    FYI - I actually wound up calling right after I posted (not sure why I didn't do that in the first place) and they said they only take the single item coupons from AC Moore, not the total purchase coupons.  So you can use their 50% off a single item coupon, but you can't use their 20% off your entire order coupon.
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    I just went to Michaels this past weekend.  They accepted a 40% off coupon for one item from AC Moore.  They rejected a 25% off total coupon for "midnight madness" sale from AC Moore.  2 cashiers told me if Michaels does not have a similar coupon for that time they won't accept the AC Moore coupon.  Since they had a 40% coupon off for one item that was acceptable, but since they didnt have a 25% off coupon that week, that coupon is not acceptable.

    I was also told that they need to have the barcode of the coupon in the system, if not the coupon is not acceptable.  Hence why 25% is not acceptable.  Why can't they just manually take off the % if they truly accept competitor coupons.

    Is that really accepting competitors coupons if you can pick and choose which coupons are acceptable and your own coupon is identical in price off for that week?
    I dont think it is, as you might as well print off a michaels coupon that week if its the same % off for ac moore.
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