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Does anyone want to take over the vendor review site?

Hi all!  I'm back from my honeymoon and am in the process of doing tons of laundry, but I wanted to throw this out there to see if I can get any takers.

I likely won't be posting on TK too much once I post my own wedding reviews, so I'm looking for someone to take over maintaining and updating the NNJ Vendor Review Website:

It's not that difficult at all (I had never even made a Weebly site before this one) and all of the formatting currently in place on the site is as basic as it gets.  All you would have to do is update the site with any new vendor reviews that are posted on the board on a regular basis.  And the only other thing I ask is that the integrity of the site be maintained by:
1) Only adding reviews from reliable knotties to ensure the review isn't actually from a vendor trying to improve his own reputation or ruin the reputation of his competitors.
2) Only adding reviews of a vendor who has already been used the the knottie (a review from someone who has only met with a vendor or hired a vendor doesn't count).
3) Not including the letter grades (A+, A, B, etc.) that many knotties often include with their reviews only because the line between good and great gets a little skewed when you see, for instance, a review that says A vs. A+++++++.
4) Asking a knottie whether or not his/her knottie name can be included with his/her review for purposes of anonymity (especially with negative reviews).

As far as I can tell, the site has been a pretty useful source of information in just the few months it's been active, so it'd be really great if we could keep it active and up-to-date and just make sure that the site continues to be mentioned on the board from time to time to ensure new knotties know about it in case they don't see the sticky at the top of the board.

Oh, and whoever takes over the site will have free reign over it to do whatever he/she wants with in terms of reformatting it, editing it, etc. (my access will be permanently removed and I'll have no input whatsoever unless the new site administrator reaches out to me with a question).

Please please please let me know if you're interested in becoming the new site administrator or if you have any questions about it.

TIA!  :-)
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Re: Does anyone want to take over the vendor review site?

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