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New Jersey

WR: 44

Today was the RSVP date and 44 out of 125 people have still not replied!!!!  Soo not happy about that....What's the problem with getting the invitation, check your calendar and return the RSVP in the stamped and addressed envelope as soon as you get it??  Either you are coming or you're not! 

Today is our 10 year anniversary and I let myself be happy all day while we were together unpacking our new apartment....now that he's home and I need to rant...

Thank you for listening (reading)!
10/10/10- Ten years in the making!

Re: WR: 44

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    That's frustrating!!  Give them a day or two before you start tracking them down, they could still be in the mail.  :(
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    I agree give them till the Thursday or Friday as they may be in the mail. After that you are going to have to track people down by any means necessary. :) I don't understand why people can't check a box or whatever,  put the card in the envelope, and just mail it back. I know this is one thing I'm going to be annoyed with when the time comes. But on a good note congrats on the 10 year anniversary!!
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    People think the RSVP date is the date to send it in- wait a few days to a week to start bugging people b/c you will have a lot less to bug

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