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Rehearsal Dinner Recs Clinton Area?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good rehearsal dinner venue near Clinton?  I'm getting married at the Grand Colonial, but I'm def unfamiliar with the area, so I'm a little clueless as to where to go.  I'm shooting for something in the neighborhood of $30pp, but we're fliexible. 

The venue actually offered to host the dinner for a really reasonable price, which would be super convenient since it would fall on a week night and would probably run late...but I'm having second thoughts about making the BP eat there 2 days in a row.  The menus are obviously pretty different, but I wasn't sure how that would go over.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Recs Clinton Area?

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    There is the Perryville Inn, which is right near the Grand Colonial, same exit just on the other side of the highway, that is a very nice restaurant, but I believe it is a bit pricey.  There is Dora's in downtown Clinton, no private room, outside seating though, might be a possibility, Beaver Brook County Club, also in Clinton has private rooms, I can't think of any places with private rooms, but there are a lot of delicious restaurants in the area! I grew up there, so I know the area pretty well if you have any other questions!

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    I'm not sure about pricing for bigger parties but the place right on the river called the Old River House is fairly reasonble for just normal meals.  In looking around for places for my shower my mother called around to the Perryvile Inn, the Tewksbury Inn, and Kirstens and the Fox and Hound Tavern.   Also I'm not sure what Beaver Brook country club may offer.

    Old River House is right in Clinton, Perryville Inn is out by the Grand Colonia, Tewksbury Inn is exit 23 (i think, oldwick/tewskbury) off of 78 a bit past clinton, Kirstens is on 22 in Lebanon and the Fox and Hound Tavern is in Lebanon.

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    Wow, thank you both so much for all the recs!!  This is a ton of help, I'll look into those places.

    SCGee - since you grew up in the area, any idea about the whole Perryville vs. Hamptom thing?  For some reason GPS doesn't recognize Peryville, so I've been putting Hampton as the address on everything...but no one has heard of it, whereas a few have said they know Perryville
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    So Perryville, the town, doesn't really exist, or it is extremely small so it isn't recognized.  I would use Hampton,  because that will probably show up in the GPS. The road I grew up on, in Hampton, doesn't show up in GPS's also, so we would always use a neighbor's address! To make things more confusing, where the Perryville Inn is, and The Grand Colonial, is actually Union Twp, but since Union doesn't have a post office, we are considered Hampton for mailing purposes!! Confusing, I know!!

    Also, I heard a couple months ago the Old River house in Clinton closed, so that might not be an option these days. Kirsten's has delicious food, no private room though.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!! 
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