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mccloones supper club

I read online that McCloones Supper Club has a jazz club feel to it. Has anyone had any experience with the place or their pricing?

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    If you're talking about the one in Asbury Park (I think that's the Supper Club one) I was there last weekend! It does have a Jazz club ambiance which is nice. The pricing is probably a little more considering it's right on the beach/boardwalk. The only thing I will warn you about is that when we left, my FI and I walked right through someone else's reception!! It was akward. The reception was set up right by an exit and had we known what was going on we would have left on the other side of the restaurant. We were wondering if they had a room for private parties or not because it seemed so strange that this reception was right by everyone else there getting dinner or drinks. There was no sepearation of their reception from everyone else. Something to consider if you go to check it out. HTH!
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