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AW: Just want to share my awesome poetic skills!

Background: On my wedding month board a girl was asking about what to do about a former friend who assumes she is going to be invited to the wedding, but who isn't.

The Good Part: Since everyone LOVES wedding poems so much, this is what I came up with to tell all of those annoying people in your lives who think they're invited to your wedding that they really aren't.  I literally spent 5 minutes writing this... ENJOY!!!  :-)  Oh, and PS - This is all completely for laughs... please don't respond saying what a stupid idea this is, haha.

Although we once were friends

And you think that we still are

I hate to break it to you

But that thought is just bizarre!


We really haven’t talked much

In the past few months and years

Aside from quick hellos

When I see you I steer clear.


I know my wedding’s coming

And you think you’ll be invited

But sweetie, we’re no longer close

So please don’t get excited.


I hope you aren’t waiting

All thrilled and eager by your door

Because the invite isn’t coming

Since our friendship is no more.


I really hope you understand

And don’t get too upset

I’m sure you’ll find another friend

If not, just buy a pet!

image 182 Invited
image 0 Are ready to party!
image 0 Will be missing the fun
image 0 Can't find the mailbox...

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