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ceremony to enter!!

Hi, im in the beginning stages of planning my wedding. We really really want to have it at the family farm, the ceremony and the reception. We are planning on renting a huge tent for the reception and be married outside of the tent somewhere on the property. My problem is, its my boyfriends family farm. He will be sleeping there the night before, therefore I have to arriave in a vehicle. I'm thinking oh god, I dont want to get there and have to step out of the limo onto the aisle runner and start the walk down the isle. I would rather be able to get out of the limo, straighten my dress and check my makeup ect, then have something open for my to walk down the isle. I want it to be a suprise. Do you have any ideas? I thought of putting a little tent at the end of the isle but its to expensive to rent another one. Thank you,

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    How about Get out on the oposite side from the wedding group Have a BM get out first and shade you from view with a parasol. You adjust your skirt ect and then bm puts the parasol in limo and taps the top and the limo drives away revealing you sorta like that house remodeling show with the big reveal
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    Thats the kinda idea im looking for. Thank you. Any other thoughts?
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    There used to be a couple of women on the Beach Weddings boards who had great pictures of what they did.  One had a big ole' giant umbrella (it was just a little bigger than a golf umbrella, but not quite as big as a beach umbrella that you'd sit under for shade) held by her MOH as she "adjusted" and then she did what pp suggested.  Another lady had 2 of her BM hold up sort of a blanket while she got ready, then they just dropped the blanket. It looked a lot cooler than I'm describing it.
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    FFmaid's idea is cute.My cousin got married on the family farm.  His bride came before the wedding and got ready in the house. The B&G never saw each other; their BM and GM coordinated by cell phone to keep them from running into each other.  Bride came down the stairs and under a little archway thing that she made as her entrance.
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    Time your arrival in advance, for after the groom and groomsmen have gone outside. Then you can go inside and "check yourself" and get ready. But the tent is not a bad idea, of if anyone has a motor home or something you could borrow or rent.
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    Hair, make up and a squirt of perfume (and a pre-ceremony glass of champas) can be taken care of in the limo - carry a mirror, get the driver to drop it off at the gate on the way out. Go to the bathroom before your ride. I LOVE the hiding behind the parasol idea!!! Besides, isn't it one of the bridesmaid's jobs to straighten your dress before you go on stage? Get colour co-ordinated parasols and have them dropped off tastefully in an umbrella holder ...
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