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Wedding Make up Reccomendation

I got married December 13, 2008 and its taken me long enough to write a few reviews on here..
One of the best vendors of my wedding was hands down my make up person.  A friend of a friend reccomended someone after I was inquiring about affordable, experienced and flexible. She raved her - Jennifer Dockendorf- we met one time before the wedding - I told her what I wanted and the overall information of the wedding and how I wanted to look. She gave me a a ridiculously affordable trial that I loved. At first she was only to do me and my mother. However the day of the wedding... all of my bridesmaids saw the job she was doing on me and my mom that she ended up doing all of us at the last minute- so flexible. She came with so much high end makeup- i was pretty impressed. I ended up reccomending her to a bunch of friends... all of who were extremely gratuitous.. I  even had people bring her to NY because she was willing to travel and really afforable!  For all you high maintenance brides looking for a really good make up person you can contact her at I am having a hard time adding a picture to this post so I am going to try and attach it to my profile or signature... you can email me for more info to at
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