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We had a bad experience with Gorgeous Limousine Service

We would never book with or recommend Gorgeous Limousine Service in Sicklerville, NJ. The bus showed up late to take our guests to the reception, and the guests ended up missing half of cocktail hour. I've been waiting 4 months now for the refund that the owner said he would get to me. The last conversation we had, he said his assistant mailed the refund but I haven't received it. Since then he ignored my calls, didn't respond to voice mail, and gave me the run around. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, so I'm not posting this just to discredit a business. I'm just saying exactly what happened in my case.

He did not own the bus that was transporting my wedding guests, but contracted out to another company. This may not be a big deal if everything works out fine but if there's a screw up, you may have a difficult time getting a refund that he says is coming your way.

Re: We had a bad experience with Gorgeous Limousine Service

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