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Season's Catering Rennovations?

There was some talk on here about a month ago about renovations at Season's. 

Some thought it was just the entrance, others thought more.

Anyone been there recently that has any more details about what they are doing and when?


Re: Season's Catering Rennovations?

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    Not sure if this answers your question, but I was there in January and the guy who showed us around pointed out some work they had done to the walls and ceiling leading up the stairs and that they were planning on doing it "throughout the main parts of the building" (his words, not mine).  I asked when they expected it to be done by, and he made it sound like they'd have it done within a month, which means it should be done by now.

    Again, I'm not sure if those are the ONLY renovations/changes that are taking place, but I specifically remember discussing it with him.
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    michelle221michelle221 member
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    Someone told me the lobby was renovated.
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    jeanna85jeanna85 member
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    They are doing pretty significant remodeling. I don't remember all of the specifics because I am not getting married there, but my brother is in October. When he booked, he asked to look at the blueprints for the rennovation (he's an engineer and a Type A personality lol) and they showed him. So I would call Seasons to see what point they are at because they definitely had plans in place, that werent just a rumor.
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    berbmberbm member
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    I booked my November wedding at Seasons on Feb 14th.  They told me the renovations will be done this month (March). 
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    I called them last night and they said the renovations are complete.  For the downstairs, they replaced the windows with French Doors and painted the room.  They also replaced columns and painted the lobby.  I am not sure what they did to the upstairs but they did say that I could go in and take a look around.  I am sure they would do the same for anyone else.  Hope this helps a little.
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