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Oh how I miss Drama Thursday!

I dare someone to start something.  I'm coming up with blanks.

Re: Oh how I miss Drama Thursday!

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    Laurms15Laurms15 member
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    I got nothin...other then a quiet day at work, a craving for shrimp tempura sushi, and legs that I was too tired to shave this morning....nothing drama worthy....
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    tvlirenetvlirene member
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    You made me laugh :)  the legs part!
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    JulepheniaJulephenia member
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    I had a fascinating time at a wedding this past weekend, but I don't want to be a b!tch about something that the family can find on a website.

    Postivie: the music (ceremony and reception) was gorgeous. The bride's father is a cantor for their temple and he and his brother have beautiful singing voices. Having them sing made for many poignant moments.

    Negative: Parve kosher brunch reception. (No dairy, no meat.)
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    goaliegirlgoaliegirl member
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    Irene--there has been any drama filled days in a long time!!!  I miss those days, this place is lame-o lately!!
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